Busy day without getting anything very fascinating done Wrote “Pop Casey” early before Daddy got up. Took out the garbage – made breakfast + beds + after Shirley told me how to fix the washing machine, did 3 loads of wash. All fine except two sweaters ironed hankies. We called Newcomb + Ann + called Mae [crossed out word] Pigott to let everyone know of impending arrivals. I made a butterscotch pie for Dick. Tried Elizabeth Waldhausen again but to no avail. Took Dad to the bank where Susan asked worriedly “Has he run out of money already?” and we had lunch at the Stardust golf course again. I got groceries at the Safeway + we came home. Finished with the laundry + washed my hair. Timmy called – were we going to postpone the visit “- I told him no, “we might as well get it over with! He’s coming on the 26th for a week. Oh God I just hope he isn’t as negative as he’s been lately, or I’ll be living on miltowns We went to the cleaner’s + picked up the afghans + then to the florist where Daddy got an orchid corsage for Lucille. I got a few packets of bubble bath + then on to Alice’s. Pat Moore, Stella Arakalian, Harriet Cole, Prima (who’s lost 7 1/2 lbs so far!!!) + Annabel there – Much ado over Daddy’s visit. We stayed for one drink (tab for me) Prima wanted my number so Dick + I could come to dinner sometime – that would be fun. Left right after Francis Butterfield came in + I didn’t know her – Good God. Home by 5:40 I fixed liver, onions + bacon, string beans, corn + rolls for dinner. After we looked at a little (very little) TV and all went to bed. No time to get any personal things done. No example leaps to mind but I’m feeling a trifle cramped despite thoroughly enjoying Daddy’s visit.