Quiet day with very bad news – Dick had a nine o’clock eye appt. with Dr. Vidal + called to say he has cataracts in both eyes. He was there almost 3 hours. Dr. Vidal wants to delay an operation as long as possible + has given him drops to take daily. Asked if there was any history of diabetes in his family + was going to get in touch with Dr. Bentley. Dick taking the news remarkably well. Dad + I stayed home all morning – I did the beds + dishes, etc. etc. Called Dazey travel + got us reservations to San Francisco on Friday a.m. at 7:50. Also confirmed Daddy’s Tulsa reservations + called Pet Town to see about leaving the dogs for a few days – Finally filled out application for new dog licenses + mailed them in with check. I read another 20 pages of Daddy’s mss. It’s very interesting but I do see places where he could add details or clarify a little. We left the house about 12:45. Went by Dazey’s to pick up tickets and then over to the Landmark for lunch. We won a little on our keno tickets (Daddy won $5.00) + applied $4 to the lunch so it turned out very reasonably. Introduced Daddy to Lee + had a brief chat with her. She’s having alot of trouble + I told her I’d see her Wednesday – Am going to lend her $300 from the money Julia’s sending so she can pay off the shark. We went by the Party shop + I picked up a few Valentines and thence to Sprouse Reitz, the Drugstore + the Safeway. Got home about 3:15. Daddy went for a short walk + I read. I fixed stuffed peppers + carrots + turnips – Dick home about 4:30. We played yahtzee + I lost (the prize – taking out the garbage + doing the laundry) watched the news [crossed out words] + had dinner. I took a miltown as I was getting a little uptight – just not used to working after being spoiled by Ana. No word from them. Hope to hell they crossed the border. We watched another episode in the search for the nile and the preliminary show on the ’72 olympics. Then bed. I knit a square + worked on M.J.’s bag.