Strange new developments in the Hughes biography story – Irving seems to have been in on the fraud – perpetrated it actually – weird.

Dick off early. Daddy slept til 9 – fixed breakfast made beds + cleaned up a bit. Put bleach in the dish washer to try + get rid of some of that alkali Hung the picture in Dad’s room (David’s flowers which have been down since the lightening). Made some pie crust then went out with Daddy after calling Ann Hall + Elaine Went to Steiners and took Mother’s afghan (the lady found a moth hole in it) and the blanket I made for Dick. Went to the bank + sold 3 tickets (Ralph, Jack + Susan) + deposited $100 plus Armando + Paco’s checks. No word today that they’d made it to Nogales + crossed. Got 25 silver dollars for the childrens’ valentines. Then went over to Nevada Frames and gave him the flowers which had been in A + A’s room + needs new glass, the camera painting of Bill Parker’s from Paris and the head of me that Trianta did. The whole business will cost over $60. Left him a deposit for $40. Next stop the store + its bathroom. Called Alice + picked her up + took her out to the Round Table for lunch. Formerly Sir George – Nice, nice lunch + Daddy had a good time. Ann Hall + Elaine are dear. Daddy in rare form. We took Alice home + then I went to the Safeway + got a few things for dinner. Came home + made a chocolate pie for Dick + fixed a ham slice for dinner. I called Air West – no service in to Calif. Called the phone company about the memory phone + it sounds like what we want. Alot cheaper than the answering service. I read another 15 pages of Daddy’s mss. I wish it were fleshed out more but think its wonderful he’s done what he has. Dick home at 5:30 + we watched the news + then I fixed dinner including collard greens + [crossed out letters] yams. While I was cleaning up, Scotty called. Then we started to watch Laugh-in + Tony Carillo [crossed out word] came by all dressed up + went in the kitchen with Dick + Leon called. Confusion rampant so I told him we’d call back which we did later. Leon sounds tired + a little depressed. I wish we could do something – but what? Bed by 9:30.