Had breakfast – made beds (Daddy really made his own.) Packed stuff for Rich + Mary – wrote in books etc. cut lining for M.J’s bag + took it with me. Dick drove us to the airport. Champagne flight(!) but I resisted. Mary met us in the airport + Les outside. On the plane I wrote Harriet. We had a nice lunch at Mary’s + then Les + Daddy took off for Pasadena in the Mazda. They went via N. Hollywood + Les showed Dad his Mazda place. I sewed the lining to the bag + Mary bought 10 Child Haven tickets from me I was delighted. I’d bought her a copy of J.L. Seagull + a book on preserves I’d meant to give her for Xmas + some copies of my book – one of them for Jamie Sholty. We played a game of spite-n’malice + then were just starting to play in earnest when Les + Dad returned at 4 o’clock. Surprise! However they’d had a wonderful trip and Daddy had spent almost an hour with [crossed out letters] Rich. Was terribly impressed with Rich’s nurse – John Cramer, + said he’d had a much better time than last year. He’d sung Williams songs + Rich had joined him. Mary told Daddy that next trip she’d really like it if he’d spend 3 or 4 days with them + showed him the guestroom + he said he would + meant it! It was a great trip from every point of view. And Mary + I had a good time (as always in the last year) while the guys were gone. Nice steak dinner + then they took us to the plane. Good flight back – Mary gave me some new detective stories Dick met us + we came home + told him about our day. He’d stayed home, napped + read + done a few odd jobs around the house – just the sort of day he needed too. We all turned in around 9:45 or so. Quite cold – about 30° –