Woke on the dot at 5:30. Went out to the kitchen. Ana hadn’t slept all night. J + J had given them beer + Ed + Casey drinks + she felt terrible was running around packing etc. They didn’t get off til 7:45 by which time Dick had already left. Ana + I cried + I retreated to the back of the house but came out in the driveway when the car drove out. Daddy up about 8:45 – Had breakfast + read the paper while I made the beds + cleaned up the breakfast stuff. I called the Sanitarium + talked with Rich Ware’s nurse who said Rich had said today he wasn’t feeling too well. But he also stressed that Rich’s hearing, sight + mind were all fine. That reassured Daddy considerably. Called Newcomb + Anne to give them an idea of Daddy’s arrival (the 16th) + was overjoyed to hear Ruby on the phone. Left a message with her. Paid Aftra + Frontier Roseland + made a pkge of Daddy’s books and 4 copies of The Lion is Busy. We went to the cleaners, the Post office where I won a silver dollar, the Desert Inn Safeway where I won $10 + got a few groceries + then took Daddy to see the existing Juvenile court complex. next stop the R-J. Where we got both copies of Thursday’s paper for nothing. Then the office and the Stardust Golf course for a pleasant lunch with Dick. Home + I fixed an eggplant casserole + got everything ready for Dick. took a brief nap. Daddy watched golf on TV. I did 15 pages of Dad’s Mss. filling in the top lines. J + J over about 6:15 – Nice dinner but I got a little teed off at Jack because he’d had too much to drink + really over did the “Jigs + coons” routine. We watched Sanford + Son + All in the Family + then dispersed for the evening. Dick + I played yahtzee for a little bit