After breakfast – Daddy + I went shopping + to the bank. Then over to the Boulevard. I got “Man from La Mancha” for Rich and some nice books at B.Dalton’s where Elaine brought out a chair for Daddy. Got Jonathan Livingston Seagull, an art book and a travel book. Then went over to Garwood Van’s where I ordered two of the Edward R Murrow “I Can Hear it Now” albums and Robert Frost reading his own poetry. They had one of the latter in stock + I got it for Daddy to give to Rich. We went down to the office. Dick was reading Dad’s mss. and had xeroxed two copies – unfortunately he wrote too close to the top of the pages and that’s going to have to be filled in by hand. Dick couldn’t join us for [crossed out letter] lunch so I took Dad over to the Riviera + while he was in the men’s room I played a couple of slot machines. Won enough to let him play a little + I wound up with $7.50 which covered (almost) lunch + 2 keno tickets apiece. Home about 2:30. Called Jack + Joyce + Ed + Casey to see if Ana + Armando could stop by in the evening to say good bye. I looked at Ana’s blanket She’d put two rows together upside down so we ripped it out – it will be something to work on in the car. They leave tomorrow + I’ll miss them terribly despite everything. I took a nap on the couch + slept like a log. Ana had to go out to get another shot. Daddy + I went to Alice’s at 5:10 Dick came from the office The Colmans + Colman Corisins + Earl + Bea Turner + Annabel + Jack + Tom + Pat all came. Prima + Ray arrived as we were leaving- nice steak dinner + we all went to bed early. Dick anxious to see A+A leave but I wonder if maybe some of it isn’t put on. I read for a bit.