Up early – Why do I write that – we’re almost always up early – Jack + Dick off at 7:00. The airport called at 8 to say the bags would be here at 9. Daddy up in time to go to Breakfast at the Blvd. But we decided to wait for the bags – Which didn’t show til 11:15. Daddy had “to get up twice this morning” – as he changed clothes for Ana to do his laundry. We left around noon. Went to the cleaners + then to the Safeway. I left him in the car + did the shopping. Ran into Jim Daniels + introduced them. Won $5.00 in the slot machine. Took Daddy down to see the new office + then we went over to the Macayo-Vegas for lunch. Poor Shirley didn’t feel we should leave as someone was due in but he’d already kept Dick waiting plus which Fratilla had been at him + Dick was fed up. I got a copy of “Roughing it” as a gift for us from Daddy. Gave Dick a couple of Miltowns. I think the not drinking is doubly hard right now with Daddy here + people asking us to stop by for a drink etc. We came home about 2:30 and I put the pork in the oven. I read the first 15 pages of Mather + Susan + was very interested. Hadn’t known Daddy had been at the Pan American Exposition while McKinley was there + left the day he was shot. I wrote Julia Mullen asking for some money. I want to replace the funds in the savings acct + some of what we’ve been lending. Washed  my hair, paid a few bills (power bill $76.00!!) [crossed out letters] Jimmy Judge came by just as we were going to the Browns so couldn’t talk. Nice time with Lucille Mahlon + then Prima who’s on a wild diet (hormones from the urine of a pregnant woman) (+ 500 calories a day) Alice + the Millers came late + a nice young couple from Athal, Mass. Good time. Home at 6:25 + Dick a few minutes later. Good dinner. Made plans to go to L.A. on [crossed out letter] Sunday – just Daddy + I. Called Evelyn MacArthur + Daddy will see Rich Ware. Called Mary. Dick + I are going to take Daddy to see the Redwoods + then go see the Piggots and Ted Willis. Bed about 9 –