This morning we made love and stayed in bed until almost 8 – weather quite cold. I tried to straighten out a few things about Paco + Armando + their income tax. It seems that not only is Paco’s soc.sec. number wrong and his name, but also he claimed 3 dependents so he owes money. That’s just plain dishonest + I tried to make it clear to Ana + Armando how bad this kind of thing is. (It was all on Armando’s advice.) Talked with Shirley + set up appt for them at 11 o’clock. I went to the Show boat. I sold 4 more tickets + lost about $50 at 21. Went over to Alice’s to play Spite + Malice. Lucille arrived at one. We shared a souffle + played 4 or 5 games 3 handed. I left a little before 3 Rushed to the market – was through in record time + came home. Armando took me to the airport at 3:45. Daddy’s plane about 5 minutes late so bought a roll of quarters + played 2 machines. Got a $10 jackpot on the one machine + suddenly 777 came up ion the other for $226.20!!! Just about collapsed. Gave the man $5.00, the change girl $10 + later gave Ana the $200 for their trip. I was paid back my original $10 so it was a gift free + clear. Didn’t mention it to Dick or Daddy. Daddy looks very well. His two bags did not show up. Evidently went on to San Francisco. We picked up a bottle of bourbon and a toothbrush + came home. Quiet pleasant evening. Dick a little edgy. Fratella is making trouble for him. Waited up for the bags which didn’t show but evidently they’re coming in on Delta some time. Lucille has invited us over for a drink at 5 tomorrow. Also Alice + Annabel + Jack. Evidently Annabels troubles all low thyroid – so easily corrected