Dick off with Jack at 7 o’clock. I’d fixed him eggs + toast first + he’d polished it all off. I called Mary + filled her in (as best I could) + then called Mom Michels + had very nice chat. Both Cassie + George were “a little hurt” that [crossed out word] we’d given “loaned” the ship to Leon. Oh dear + that’s too bad. I called the Mystery guild + finally got their address so sent off check + order + put in an order for National Geographic for “Pop” Casey. Made the bed and cleaned up the kitchen + took off about 8:30. Got some gas Stopped at the Showboat + won $100 + went down to Juvenile. Left 5 milk containers at Zenoff + went over to the placement committee to get some receipts. Funny visit with Bill Gang Gave him Johnnie Swift’s name + address + number as a possible speaker at Spring Mtn. Went to the office with Armando’s tax stuff. He’s only going to get back about $43 which will be a blow to him (was certainly a surprise to me.) Things going badly at the office. Seems the inadequate heater on the commercial was not the architect’s specifications but good old Pat Sullivans (we were in New York at the time) So Dick’s been made to look like an ass. We’ve got to replace the heater + most probably the pump. Oh Shit. Also Van Tile (sp?) has a beef with the contractor’s board. He’s the one who hasn’t “touched the pool since you put it in” + wonders why the skimmers clog up etc. Went to Valley Bank + deposited $200. Went to the Safeway + cleaners + then to Maryland sq. where I got some yarn and a knitting stand and some yahtzee pads and stopped + saw Daisy for a while. Then went over to the Blvd for Health food. Ann not there. Then the Landmark where after a couple of hours I lost the hundred – a transfer of funds. Lee Stevens, my friend there had gotten her self in trouble with 21 last week – cashing checks she didn’t have. Had to borrow from a loan shark Oh God. Home – watched a little TV and fixed scallops for dinner – Dick not eating much + I had to take a miltown because I found myself getting upset. Had forgotten this aspect of cooking for him + hate it.