Called University club for Daddy “Dr. Lincoln Steven’s operator?” – finally was understood + he’d left. Called Co + Russell + spoke with latter who said they’d call by nine our time as they’d gone to Church. At ten I called again (a little peeved). But all is well Daddy isn’t coming until Wednesday which gives some breathing space. Co + Russell are coming out around the 1st of April. David + Debbie were there when they got back from church so all was a little confused. I wrote Maureen for some more prints, sent 2 new pictures + a check to Players’ Guide and wrote Sue Glick. Armando + Paco were painting their room. Jeffrey’s crib in the kitchen. Ana packing. Went over list for L.A. with her + gave her some miltowns + a suitcase. We left the house about 10:20. Went to the Golden nugget + played a little keno + a little blackjack while we waited til eleven or so when they serve luncheon (Dick had his heart set on Baron of Beef) We ended up [crossed out letters] paying for our lunch + each ahead by about 6 or 7 dollars. Went to the office + while Dick drew up a new set of plans I wrote Annie + finally paid her for the company tickets for James + Jean and told her of all the recent excitement. Also wrote Millie + Ike. Then we went to look at the huge commercial pool. A few tiles broken and the man not delighted. Paul Van Zandt there. They’d just started filling the pool. Came home around four. Both pretty tired. Dick had to go back out for milk and I washed + blocked the bag I’m making for Mary Jean. We played Yahtzee + read + watched a good movie “The people” on TV and then played some more yahtzee + Dick won handily. Got 3 yahtzees in one game for a score of 498! And so to bed. Dick is delighted at the thought of having the house to ourselves but I’m not so sure that I am. I’ve been terribly spoiled for the last 18 months.