Up early. Nice cozy morning until it was time for Dick to leave. I wrote Jimmy Judge + mailed a contribution to So. Nevada Museum. [crossed out words] Went to the Landmark + lost + won – Came out about even. Went to have lunch with Elaine. Jerry + she have been living separately for about 4 months now + two days ago Jerry left town. Had been discovered embezzling. Really a sad, dreary story – A charming guy with alot of potential, screwing up his life. Elaine’s mother + Cathy came in + sat with us for a bit – don’t know any of the story so complete change of subject. After they left Marilyn of interior Systems came in + told us the head security guard at the B’way had been shot trying to stop a shoplifter + the ambulance [crossed out letter] had come. Then her husband came in + said the guard was stabbed. Final + authoritative word from someone who was there was he’d been shot? Called Dick + went over to the Castaways at his suggestion. Has just reopened + was jammed. Lost in the beginning + was playing with lousy players Cashed a check + then slowly after a change of seat + then a change of dealers the tide turned + I bought back the check + left with $150 in my wallet or about $90 ahead. Went to Safeway + came home. Dick had an appt at 4:00 + was home when I got there. Nice letter from Harriet who needs some help about her brother Benny in N.H. Got the new detective club books from Sue. Spoke with Hilary this a.m. + Daddy is leaving from New York. Have not heard from him + don’t know if he’s coming Monday or Tuesday or whatever. Ana upset + cried tonight when I told her they should have eaten the chicken which [crossed out letters] should not have been put back in the freezer. Think the whole situation right now is too much for her which is understandable. They leave tomorrow. We watched a good movie “The People” – up until after 10 but then I folded while Dick watched Twilight Zone.