Well – woke at 2 am today. Went to the kitchen with Dick + had some pineapple. Horrible fear of not getting back to sleep but did thank God + slept like a rock til 6:45. Gave Dick a shave + off he went. I paid Bank Americard + Central Telephone + pottered around a bit. Shirley called + asked me to pick up some W-2 forms. Got Ana + Jeffrey + went back to FNB for a new check. Next stop pictures. not ready. Went to Immigration + gave Mrs. Sena (her husband Nash works for CSG) the new check + got a receipt. She’d called the passport agency in L.A. + Jeffrey can have his [crossed out word] passport immediately there so that’ll be a great time saver. Went up with her to the notary to get the bonds signed while Ana waited. Then they made out a letter for Ana similar to the one that both Paco + Armando will have. They must cross the border + check out with the immigration office [crossed out letters] on or before Jan. 31st. If they do this the bond is returned + they have gone home “voluntarily” + will have no record. It’s an extraordinarily lucky solution for them + Please God – no mistakes. Mr. Parke told us to meet him in the Courthouse lobby in 45 minutes so we picked up Jeffrey’s pictures which are darling + 30 W-2 forms for Shirley + then went up to the cafeteria for some coffee. Got the the Courthouse at 11:30 at 10 of 12 Mr. Parke appeared with Armando + Paco who had all his worldly belongings jammed in a suitcase + 2 paper bags It made me want to cry. Everybody very happy. Dick said Paco can stay at our house until they leave. Left off the W-2 forms + came home. Ana called Mr. Chain + got everything [crossed out letters] straightened out for expediting their passports. I told Armando the only thing I asked was not one drink til they get to Salvador. I’ve been giving Ana advice until it must be coming out her ears but I think it’s all good (in a concentrated form) Ana + I went through my closets + I gave her some very nice dresses + the green coat which no longer suit me especially. Also went through the pockets of all Dick’s things. Went to cleaners + Post office (Ana’s letter from Immigration Dept. + she must get it in person but I imagine it’s all settled) so went to Sands with a dollar token Dick gave me + I left $48 ahead – Ana’s salary! Letters from Phoebe Bentley, Jimmy Judge, Casey’s father + Jimmy Judge Also Anne Cleveland. Good day!