Woke at 4 am + couldn’t get back to sleep so got up + outlined speech (or at least culled major points from Bill Gang’s information. Wrote Diary + Rae O’Dell. Gave Dick a shave and then washed my hair. Called Alice no answer, Anabel who still hasn’t had her brain scan but said if it didn’t interrupt she’d listen Angie had stopped by yesterday + told [crossed out letters] her our woes) Called Ace bail bonds – the bail is $100. But Shirley said I could put up a property bond for no cash. Went to the Blvd at 8:30 Met Johnnie Swift who has a Jazz show on Klav-Radio at night, is willing to talk to the kids sometime at spring mountain Took name + number. Saw Alice + Elaine Sat with Roy Purcell of the new Museum at the celebrity table (liked him + his concept of a museum) I think my speech went well. Sold 5 (ugh) tickets after [crossed out word] and then Elaine bought 10. Came home + collected Ana + Jeffrey + went down to immigration. Met Mr. Parke who was one of the men who came to our house. However he was reasonable + I laid cards on the table etc. We got there in the nick of time to save Paco from being transferred to San Francisco. 1/2 hour later + he would have been gone! [crossed out word] Went to Passport office + was told we needed a birth certificate. Went to Dave’s (gave them a copy of “The Lion….”) + he said a cash bond if we didn’t want to go through a bondsman the house has a mortgage so can’t be put up. Went to Health Dept. for birth certificate + FNB for a $2,000 cashier’s check (to save A +A $200 – it’s a little nerve wracking!) Back to Fed Bldg. Jeffrey needed pictures so Ana took him across the street. I got a $12.00 money order at the Post office + went back to immigration. The check was made out to the wrong department + they had to have a new one. The bank now closed. Passport Pictures won’t be ready til tomorrow. What a day. Went to get car + found I’d left tickets for Operation Child haven in the immigration office. Went back to get them + sold one to a Mr. Rupert. Hope he wins. Stopped at the Safeway + came home. Exhausted but didn’t want Dick to know so made a real effort + we had a very gay pleasant evening but bed early + I fell asleep halfway through Flip Wilson.