Up early. First called Dave at home at 8 o’clock. Dick had gone out with Jack at 7 – Spent the morning waiting to get something definite from Dave I called there 4 times + each time he said he’d call back. Finally at two I took off for the Juvenile complex as Dave had gone out In the meantime I’d called the jail + was told there was no bail for aliens. I’d also called Armando’s boss. I wrote letters all the a.m. – Hilary, Mary + Saul, Mary Jean, the Michelses + Mary + Les (I spoke with her at 7 am) also returned approval to Chemical Bank for hike in investment mgemnt fee. Got to Juvenile at 2:30 to pick up information on Operation Child Haven Chat with Bill Fain + rather long visit with Angie. Called Mr. Parke’s of immigration while there + also called Dave again. He told me to call Mr. Parke’s + take Ana in tomorrow. He said he thought it would be allright for Armando + Paco + Ana to drive home (If so that’s an enormous concession as usually aliens are deported from prison.) (Gulp) Mailed letters at Huntridge Station, went to Safeway + came home. We had a postcard from Ethel in Dallas (So that’s accomplished) Dick home + very tired. But he’d had a good day at the office. Had started to run down around one o’clock but held out til almost 4. We went to bed right after dinner at 6 + watched TV. (I watched Svengali with John Barrymore) + then I read. Dick asleep by 7:30. Leon called to say his nephew had called + wanted to know where the tests were. I told him they’d be sent as soon as ready. Mr. Parke’s called me about 5:30 + I told him I’d be in with Ana tomorrow around 11:30. He also told me there [crossed out word] is $1,000 bail on both Paco + Armando. We’ll see tomorrow.