What a day! No fever in the morning but in the afternoon it came back. Dick slept most of the time. I paid bills – service, B. Dalton Leon’s commission. Sent in sweepstakes contests, sent for ovaltine slush makers and a book on the tower of London, wrote Millie + Jim Moore – both with checks Also wrote Annie at some length Called Alice + Ann Hall about the radio deal on Thurs. and she said she could have the thermometer in it’s last week count down in the Blvd. Called Bill Gang + he was very excited about it. Told Ann about Ruth Scott + Nevada Motion Picture Services + suggested her as a guest sometime Went to the P.O. + the safeway in record time Back by 12:40. Armando home at 1:30 with Paco. They’d sighted immigration people + run. They were followed for a while + Armando’s license was taken that was just the beginning. When Dick’s fever came back I called Dr. Bentley. He said it was the bug + that Dick would be out for another couple of days. Prescribed an antibiotic. Went out to ask Armando to get it + found he + Paco had taken the VW to go see his Boss. It had run out of gas – his own damn fault – + they’d started to walk to the gas station when the Immigration guys came down on them. There was a desert chase + Paco was caught but Armando got home + was throwing up in the [crossed out letters] john. I called J + J to come over + get me to put gas in the VW so I could get the RX + get the VW home. They came + Dick joined us – furious. Not only the VW out of gas but the battery dead. We pushed it to the gas station – bad for Dick + he was fuming. Joyce took me to get the RX + when we got back to Pecos Ana was dissolved + the Immigration people had come into our house without a warrant + taken Armando. Also his + Ana’s papers. Called Dave who made calls all over + then called back to say nothing could be done until tomorrow morning. Ana called the lawyer in L.A. who was reassuring. Oh Christ what a mess. Janet Goldsmith called this A.M. to thank us for the flowers + said the Doctors had said Jim wouldn’t make it. Annabel called about her flowers.