Dick + Jack off bright + early. I caught up diary + wrote Timmy with the Author’s Aid check Called the florist + had flowers sent to Annabel (she’ll be in thru tomorrow) + Jim Goldsmith. Spoke with Annabel on the telephone + she filled me in a bit on the lottery ticket situation. Went to Safeway + bought groceries and mailed letters. Then over to the Landmark where I played very conservatively – (The way I always ought to). Won $75 or so and left at 12:40. Went to Eunola Edwards house for the Guild meeting – not many there – Norma, Martha Chase, Chris Romero, Evelyn Johnson, Ann De Bruyn, Versie Ramirez, Alice and (when it was all over) Cathie Nellis. Bill Fain gave out some tickets (I took 250) and I got what details I could about the Lottery + the dinner from Norma. Left around 2:30. Deposited Rae O’Dell’s check and payment for My 3 sons at the Bank of Nevada. Stopped in at the office. Shirley told me she’d heard Sue Winn was thinking of [crossed out words] running for assemblywoman from the 4th district. Also little Laura had a horrid accident yesterday when playing. Dick came in just as I was leaving. Went over to Alices to play Spite + Malice + had [crossed out letters] just finished one game when Shirley called + said Dick had gone home very sick. Went home + found he had a fever + felt just terrible although no pain. He stayed in bed and only drank juice + water – no dinner or snacks. I read to him a very little but he went to sleep. I lay with him + read some detective stories. Had dinner + soon after went to bed myself. Dick’s fever worse at 10:30 –