Gave Dick a shave this morning – He was off about 9:30. I shaved my legs + washed my hair + gave myself one of those protein facials (in final stages – a terrific horror effect) Anabel called + asked if I’d be willing to make a speech on Ann Hall’s show this Thursday about the Child Haven lottery. We had a very funny chat + I told her I hadn’t yet accepted 1972. Wrote diary + futzed about. Then went down to the store + over to the Show boat with Dick’s blessing. The place jammed with bowlers and rotten players I’ve figured out finally why I do better consistently in the early morning and that’s because there are fewer people to screw one up. You can’t beat bad cards but if the cards are reasonable you stand a chance unless the playing is bad. blah, blah, blah. Bought stuff at the Safeway + fixed stuffed hamrolls + yams + sprouts + a lovely fruit salad. Dick ate alot for him. He’s getting very anxious for A + A to leave. Annie called from Atlanta – got her pkge + loved it. Gave me [crossed out letters] an address in VA to write. Alice called + told me Anabel had passed out after talking to me + was in the hospital for tests. Good God. Had a message (yesterday’s) that Jim Goldsmith is in the hospital. I called Leon + was glad I did as he sounded very down.