Stupid day. Or stupid me I spent almost 7 hours playing 21 at the Tropicana Up + down Cashed a check + bought it back + did the same again. Left maybe 20 dollars down but could have stopped ahead at more than one point. Looked all over for socks for Dick with loose tops but couldn’t find them anywhere. Went to pick up a letter for Ana but they couldn’t find it at the P.O. Told me if it wasn’t delivered to come back tomorrow. We ate early + then Dick went out on a 7 o’clock appt. He’s been getting so many leads lately it’s really marvelous. I adapted two prs. of elasticized socks – by pulling out all the elastic + threading the top onto a very loose double strand of white yarn. “The 7 faces of Dr. Lao” was on TV and I loved it. Dick not home til 9:00 or 9:30. Seemed to think it was a sale if they can get financing. Note from Jim + Janet saying they hoped to get together again with us soon (!)