For a change, spent the day in good works (?) Went to Juvenile for Placement – nice to see Angie again. Typed files + cards + had funny talk on telephone with a Mrs. Holt who writes + is going to call me next week at home. Took magazines to Child Haven + detention + worked out my hours for Eunola Edwards. Next stop very brief at Showboat won a little – then Alice’s. Lucille there + she + I helped Alice address the guild letters, staple + stamp + sort them. We had souffle + salad for lunch. Pat Moore came over + we played 4 handed spite and malice. Dick had a [crossed out letter] 4:30 appt and a 7 o’clocker so after Pat + Lucille left I played 2 or 3 games with Alice then Safeway + home. Dick in a rather disgruntled humor so I went with him on his 7 appt. We couldn’t find the place so came home + called the guy + Dick put it off (He’s getting 6 or 7 estimates.) Had veal parmiagian for dinner, watched Flip Wilson + went to bed. Dick had his appt with Bentley today who told him he was an alcoholic + he said to Dick “I know it but do you really know it?” That’s about all I could get out of Dick but it was a half hour visit so there must have been a lot more. He’ll get the results of the test this week and has an appt next month.