Called Daddy – line busy – seconds later the phone rang + it was Daddy – a little irate that our number had been changed (think I’d told him) + wanted to know if we still expected him. Said indeed we did + got everything straightened out (“around the 24th) He’s going to N.Y. first + I gave him Drue’s numbers Called Druscilla + M.J. wants a bag too! Nice chat this time. Called Alice + I’m going over on Thursday after the Placement committee Went to the Landmark + played 21 for a while then called Bentley’s office. Couldn’t get in there til about 2:30 or so. Took 6 bottles of wine in a very dressy box from the fancy liquor place – lavender foil + celephane + bows + grapes! Also the stole I’d made for Phoebe Nice if brief visit with Bentley – He understood about Leon’s nephew – no trouble Also he said the vitamins etc. were a good idea + that he wanted to give Dick new tests. He’s an alcoholic + Bentley says A.A. is the only known organizational cure that’s available. Psychiatrists not effective. But Bentley also said alot of people can’t swallow the A.A. program whole. Called Dick at the office + then went to cleaners + Drugstore + Safeway. Quiet evening. Dr. Gringrich committed suicide this weekend.