Went to the store + got stuff for dinner. Fixed meat balls and got everything ready for dinner _ Got to the store at noon. Dick out on delivery. Sold one wrist rocket in his absence. When he came back I went down to the Weiner schnitzel + got us 2 free hot dogs with a coupon. Pretty Ghastly. Dick had an appt at two so we closed up after waiting in vain for a man who’d said he wanted the iron railing. I stopped at the Safeway and blew some money in a progressive slot machine. Ran into Shirley. Came home. Dick already back + on the phone to Leon who’d called + given him his nephew’s address in Riverdale + his office address. Wants Dick to send all the results of liver tests through Bentley to Dr. Sternlieb. I fixed two pies – froze one + baked the other. Jim + Janet came about 5 o’clock in a cab. Dick went out to get them a pint each of scotch + vodka While he was out Druscilla called + loved her purse. Jim looks terrible + it’s obviously going to get worse fast. We had dinner but he didn’t eat + then we played Risk + Janet wouldn’t play – at least not really. Called the game quits + were getting ready to take them home when Jim said he + Janet were in a bind + needed money – $400 to make it a round sum. I was stunned + then I began to think it was very funny We gave it to them, took them home + got hysterical after in the car.