Up earlyish. Did a little desk work + called Timmy who’s going through one of his “Things”. At least that’s what he says, but it’s been so long since he’s been cheerful that the things seem to be it nowadays. Went to the International + lost. Went to the store – took letters etc but never did anything. The sale seems to be something of a fizzle but we did sell one set of patio furniture and the chairs to another. Also a wrist [rocketor] and one desk Came home around 3/30 or so. Napped ate dinner + went to bed + watched TV – (we’ve been turning out the lights alot later this year) Jim + Janet Goldsmith called + we invited them to dinner + Risk tomorrow evening. Also had rather a long talk with Ana this am [crossed out letter] they’ll stay another month through Daddy’s visit. Notice in the paper about Mr. Homewood death. I feel so badly about it as he was someone I would have really liked to know better.