Up pretty early. Spent all morning at my desk Paid mortgage, 4th installment taxes, garbage, channel 10. Wrote Aunt Hope + Dr. Richman + re-worked puzzle entry for Western Airlines ” Up Spokane, a usually Cheyenne: “JuneauCasper my Butte, if Utah HelenaVictoria Dakota hell, Yukon San Jose, the BillingsIdaho, that’s what Iowa say.” That’s 25 words with 14 names of states + cities in Western’s world. I put an asterisk by Hell + said not in Western’s world. Took all the mail to the P.O. + went to the Landmark where I didn’t do too well. Home at 5. We decided to go to the movies + ate early. Nice notes from Mary Jean, Edie + Drue and a letter from Ethel who was very happy with her 600. That’s good. We went to see “Straw Dogs” with Dustin Hoffman at the Park Lane. Good God – What a mess of blood at the end. Couldn’t look but it was well acted and a good film. Home in time for Love American Style and bed. Took the Christmas tree down before dinner. At least put away all the decorations + A + A took it down + out when we’d left.