A little groggy this A.M. as I’d taken a PM last night. Went to Breakfast at the Blvd + sat with Elaine and then Alice. Elaine about to start a publishing company with several friends + I told her she could have the Lion Is Busy but she didn’t seem too excited. Eddie + Ann gave me a big splash about the “My 3 sons” program tonight. Interesting celebrity guest with her face lift equipment. had heard her on Muriel Stevens before. Went over to Wonder World after the bank to see Daisy. She told me about some guy who’d taken her for a hundred dollars – a roll of quarters at a time. Had left his “wallet at home” – would come right in. He was a regular + Daisy believed him. Good God – What a cruddy, shitty thing to do. Lost some money + won some back on the 21 machine before leaving. Went down to the office + had lunch with Dick. Then went to the Show Boat + ran into of all people Art Clarke from Philadelphia! He’d missed his plane and was going to stay a while with his friend Joe from North Vegas. Told him to call Dick. I left about 3:45 with about $30 profit. Went to the store and then came home. Tired and a little depressed. Dick had an appt at 6:30 and I paid a few bills while he was out. Letter from Newcomb + he + Anne are back together again. Mary called. Note from Timmy – fairly typical. cute note from Jessie. Read a good mystery. Dinner at 7:30 when Dick got home after a good appt. The show a disappointment (naturally, I guess) Ironsides + then bed.