The day started out beautifully – Leon off to the office and I took several aspirin for slight hangover and bathed + put on a facial mask made coffee + worked on script. Called Doug + had a good talk with him. He said he’d come see us in late March. He’s got cataracts – the kind that are related to rheumatoid arthritis and that’s a big bore and uncomfortable to look forward to etc. Loved talking to him. Got an Rx for Miltowns which I picked up later at Schwabs. Worked on the script and felt very excited and very good about the reading. Leon called to say it had been put off til’ 4:30 but that was okay. Tried to call Timmy but couldn’t get him. Packed + cleaned up all the last night dinner things + spent some time working on a Western Airlines Contest then went to Leon’s office at 11:30. We went to lunch at the Diamant on the 16th floor of 9000 Sunset, then a few errands and finally over to Caro’s office. Another woman in shortly after me to read for the same part. A nice girl named Lori Heineman who’d already gotten the part of Myra was there + we took her back to her hotel. I didn’t even read. Stupid interview. Nothing accomplished + he thanked me for coming in I had the script in my hands + said Don’t you want me to read + he said that won’t be necessary. I was really shaken. Would have cried after dropping first Lori then Leon but the traffic was too heavy. Had some wine + nice dinner at Marys and a Bloody Mary on the plane Good to see Dick who was very dear + understanding. Called Leon who said the other woman hadn’t read either and I wasn’t all dead.