Up at 5:30 – Dressed + off to the airport in Dick’s truck. Some mixup and no reservation barely made it! Took a cab to Mary’s – had coffee + talked a bit about Newcomb + Anne. Mary got a call to work + I took the Mazda out to Calabassis. Had to wait as George was really busy but got nice cut + set and a manicure. Called Virginia O’Brien + had trouble with the phone – busy or no ring at all. So drove to her address – Crazy place Aluminum foil (insulation bats I guess) in the windows, over the yard, rundown place with about 7 old cars parked out front + in back + a for sale sign on the mail box. Rang + knocked + was about to give up when Harry came out + said Good Morning (one-thirty by now) Went in – the place dark + a wild mess – but the afternoon turned out nicely. I like Virginia + I like him and I got alot of interesting things (I think). So long since I’ve written one I don’t know. Went in to Leon’s office after picking up a photo book. Scott + Leon + roast beef with carrotts + potatos for dinner. Caro supposed to come but didn’t. Went over to her house to get the revised script. And it’s pretty thoroughly revised! Had some beer there. Jack (Barry) + dog Tiger there. Back to Leon’s looked over script + went to bed. Had called Dick at 6:30 and he sounded great.

Scott’s growing a mustache