Did a little more cleaning. Dick off early. I went to the International with about $200 – Played a couple of keno tickets + played 21. Lost + had to cash two checks. Left a while later with the checks bought back and $500.00. How nice. Went to Sahara office equipment + then to SPD + finally Lee’s to get some sale pressure tags. Hard to find. Also picked up this spattered diary. Only one left in town but I’ll learn to love it if the year is a good one. Called George + changed appt. Called Mary + will get the Mazda tomorrow. Called Virginia O’Brien + will interview her tomorrow after the hair do. Dick had a 5:30 appt. for a pool. I bathed and started packing while he was out. Sad p.s. on a letter from Newcomb. Anne wants him to come back and Newcomb is “dragging his feet” – doesn’t “dare get in that situation again” wondering when + if he’ll get his “walking papers again” – It’s a quandary and I wish I knew what to say – not even advise, just what to say. We had sandwiches for dinner and watched TV. Called Leon and he was very confused. Caro on the other phone so I guess he confused her too. He’s not at all well + I don’t know what to do. I think this reading thing is going to be a big fat flop – if it takes place, which I doubt.