We left the house about 9 – Dick went to the P.O. with me and helped carry the stuff in. After that I went to the Landmark and played pretty steadily for about 4 hours. Had to cash a check but bought it back + left with $380.00 winnings. That’s the most I’ve ever won + it wipes out last week’s losings which were also the most. Went to the Blvd and finally after looking all over decided on the gambling guide for Russell + 2 mss. books for Colby. Had talked with Dick + he was drinking When I came home he was passed out in his chair. I called Bentley + he told me it was doing real harm but the problem went deeper. He told me that Dick couldn’t cope with reality I asked about a psychiatrist + he suggested Dr. Pike + I said I didn’t think it would work coming from me and he said he’d talk to Dick if I could get him to make an appt. This time Dick’s bottle of apple wine was out in the garage and after several trips out I asked him after dinner when he thought he was fooling + that I’d spoken with Bentley + it was dangerous for him to drink. He said Fuck Dr. Bentley and Fuck You. I went to bed maybe a half hour later. He’d threatened to leave the house but didn’t. What am I going to do.