Dick contrite this a.m. gave him a shave + suggested we forget the whole thing. Sorted out tax info for Shirley. Dick forgot to take it so I did later then went to the Showboat and won $150 + left with it. Deposited residual + Newcomb’s check in the Bank of Nevada + went to the Blvd. Had talked with Hilary in a.m. + she told me Mather really needed a sweater. I bought him 2 – lovely ones at Silverwoods. Went all over looking for a large turtleneck for Winnie (Ann Hall talked me out of one – too small) finally got hers at Silverwoods too. Bought a wine colored shirt for Les and books for little Susan, Mrs. Merrell, [crossed out letter] Estelle, John Keenan, Norman + Miriam + Mary + Saul. Earlier I mailed pkges to little Mat two to Sue Glick and the large one for the homestead. No groceries to buy so was home earlyish Dick still drinking + brought home a bottle of Apple wine. I managed by substituting glasses etc. to get most of it but he’d done most of his drinking before he came home anyway. There’s no reaching him. Spoke with Mary + got Sue’s address – no word yet from Les’ doctor. Scotty called later while Dick was sleeping in his chair + I was wrapping gifts. If Dick keeps this up Christmas will be a nightmare. Tomorrow if no change I’m calling Bentley. Made pkges Drue + Dick, Barn View, Bill, Lyle, Timmy, Estelle + Mrs. Merrill. Tried to reach Annie Sullivan but without success.