Woke early. Wrote a few cards. Dick left the house about 8. I called Mr. Weitzen in New York at 9:30. Long talk. They bought 862 copies of the Lion is Busy in September from the Baerenreiter Music Publishing Co. So that’s where all my books went. It’s crazy + Ironic that 8 yrs later – oh well. forget it Went down to the office – Had a cup of coffee + answered the telephone while Dick + Shirley were showing the house. Went to the Showboat + won $30. Had lunch with Dick at Lum’s Deposited $250 in the Bank of Nevada. Went to the Post Office and mailed the blanket to Philadelphia, Leuse’s pkge and the stocking box All I could carry in and that took well over an hour. Stopped at the Aladdin and won $5.00 more. Safeway + home Dick had been drinking + alot. I really don’t know what to do. Bentley told him if he’d kept on he’d be dead + now he’s starting again. We have so little time together as it is – He wouldn’t eat dinner – just slept in his chair. I made an apple pie and I started a white stole and made a patchwork mohair square. Bed about 10 o’clock. I need help with this problem – I want to handle it right as everything depends on it. Got a check from Newcomb for $800 + residual for $367