Had wine.

Up around 7 or so – wrapped gifts – made box for Sue and for the homestead. Mat’s gift etc. [crossed out word] Washed + set hair + used new dryer. Went to the office I found some interesting presents at Skaggs – 2 seal-a-meal-things for Mary + Hilary + a jug + bottle cutter for Liza + one for us. Wrote about 4 Christmas cards. Mailed the check for $1500 to Fred Botterman. Mr. Miranda had called Dick last night after I was asleep. Gotten a bid for $4400 from Gene Wright with heater – Christ! Gene’s been closed down twice by the IRS so maybe he can afford to work for less than nothing. Dick upset. We stopped at the Stop and Go + Dick got 3 bottles of wine (2 apple + 1 strawberry.) Said he was climbing the walls – I suppose once every 6 weeks could be all right but I’d sooner never see a drop again than have Dick sick. I wrapped all evening Dick went over to see Miranda with revised figures + came back with a signed contract. Mary called + Les was coming back early from Phoenix with all the early symptoms of his ulcer. (6 weeks in the hospital last time on the [crossed out word] critical list.) She was [crossed out letter] upset + I don’t blame her. We went to bed about 9:30 after loading all the boxes in the trunk of the car.