6 wks –

My weight 119 –

Woke at 4 again – went out + made coffee + lists. Wrote diary. Dick woke up + we made love He slept and I went to the store. Bought 3 darling hats at Sav on. One each Susan, Bisy and one for me. Bought some more things for Larry. Got groceries + came home. Finished stuffing the stockings. Packed Christmas cards and went off with Dick about 10:30. We stopped at Mr. Meranda’s house in Glen air to measure the yard + had to climb over a stockade type fence. crazy oblong yard. Went to breakfast at Pancake house then to office. I worked on gift list and all told wrote about 78 xmas cards. Sent off check to Mr. Weitzer airmail special Delivery + made myself out a company check for $250. Went to Skaggs + bought a hair dryer for myself and a copper tea kettle for Annie and a hot lather machine for Dick or Leon. Also wrapping paper. Deposited all in trunk of car + left keys in trunk. We were leaving at 3:45 and I couldn’t find the keys. The security officer had taken them. I thought it was a little funny but Dick was in a snit. Drove out to Merinda’s to give him the plan while I sat in car + he’d left the plan at the office. Came back to the car + we both got hysterical. Evidently despite all, he got the job!!! (dependent on Jim Schafer’s financing) Came home + packed the six stockings in a carton. Made a carton of Luise’s things. Nice dinner. Started putting fringe on [crossed out words] Dorothy’s stole. Took 4 pictures of the blanket for Philadelphia. Bed about 9:30.