Set my hair last night + had a hideous curlered sleep. Woke finally about 5. Shaved Dick twice. Called Newcomb + had nice chat. He had a lovely time in Europe. I’m so glad. Called Frontier Roseland + ordered an azalia for Rich Ware and a poinsettia to go to Hilary on her birthday (“we’d rather remember you than Pearl Harbor”) Tranquilizers all the way around + down to the office to pick up Shirley. Court at 9:15. Put off til 10:30. Dick, Shirley + I went to the Golden Nugget + I won $12 on a keno ticket and a little at 21 so Dick came out even and I was $12 ahead when we left. Court was horrible. John Carpenter lied consistently under oath. Said Shirley was “given” an extra room on her house by the company and that Dick + I had used company funds to put the addition on our house. Also “Mrs. Michels is driving a company car.” I was on the stand only briefly but cleared up about the house. Shirley likewise except that she was on twice and at length. O’Donnell angry that the court had not been notified of my taking over the company (I’d asked Mel Close first + then Dave to tell the court) Dave has 15 days to prepare a brief. Galane 15 to answer and 10 days for a decision. Came home + Dick picked up his truck. I went to Valley Bank + deposited Dr. Richman’s refund. Bank of Nevada + deposited $1600 [crossed out word] “loan payment” from the company. Then Hickory Farms – gifts – Sullivans, Mrs. Davis, Aunt Hope, Millie. Harriet, Timmy, Henry + Alma. Home. Call from David – I can get 250 copies from Marlboro for $250.00 –