Up early. Called Alice but she couldn’t make it to the Blvd. Left the house at 8:45 Sat with Elaine + a friendly girl named Joanne. Pleasant “Breakfast” – Mrs. Sawyer the guest of honor – discussed her book “Nomads of Nevada” (or something.) Bought stocking gifts at Hallmark. Went to Hickory Farms who don’t take credit cards. Bought health food + some marvelous books at B. Dalton’s. “The Parade’s Gone by” is on sale + I got 4 copies. A crochet book for Ethel Nast [?] for Daddy + some “smart set Anthology. At Penney’s  got a purse, gloves + scarf for Leuse, handerkerchiefs for Daddy and a car vaccuum for Newcomb. Had nice visit with Ann Hall. Got back my book with a dear letter from her son Gray Went to Skagg’s + got 2 busy boxes – one for Jeffrey and one for little Mather whose birthday is coming up soon. Went to the International + came out even was home by four o’clock. David Kitchen didn’t call so I assume he didn’t get the info yet. Sent in registration for V.W. Talked with Daddy in the A.M. + told him we were sending the stockings. Quiet evening – Roast beef + TV Spoke with Evelyn MacArthur about Rich Ware this morning.