Up early – Jack over – Dick left about 8:30 after a double shave. I had funny conversation with Mary – The ties a complete dud. She’s had all the problems + reactions I did – we’ve decided to write Family Circle + tell them the patterns a FLOP. Called David Kallman again + left message. Called David Kitchen talked to Gino. Went to Valley Bank + wired 300 to N.Y. and put 500 in Hsehld acct. Went to Alice’s + showed her blanket + bag + ties. We played 2 games of spite + malice + I lost 25 cents. Went by the office + had a little lunch with Dick Went to Bank of Nevada to deposit a residual and then to the Blvd Mart for groceries + to the Blvd. Saw Elaine. Got stockings for Newcomb, Larry, Bisy + Susan + Papa Doc + Ethel. Bought some little gifts at Hallmark. Home by four. David Kallman called + said the books had been “selling for not very much.” I said what? + he said Audrey had seen them. I told him to get hold of Hans + tell him he’s going to be sued + [crossed out word] to get back the books for me. He said he’d call next week. Then David Kitchen called + I learned the very worst. The whole lot of books had evidently been remaindered off to Malboro who had listed it in its Christmas Brochure at $1 each!!! David Kitchen promised to call Marlboro tomorrow + say we wanted them all. Rosenwald seems to feed on other people’s creative processes. I’m in a muddle all over again 8 yrs later.