Woke at 4 and couldn’t go back to sleep [crossed out letters] so went out + had some pumpkin pie + coffee. Wrote Scott + sent the plane tickets. Then wrote Leon with commission on a “Family Affair residual.” Dick + I made love – Whee – Things are looking up. I forwarded the Grayson’s insurance + after Dick left I wrote a note to Mrs. Auric [?] Douglas of Price/Stern Sloan + sent her the book along with picture + resume. Called Alice Turner, David Kallman again (still hasn’t returned the call) and Dr. Richman’s office. I designed several letters for Ana’s afghan. Went out + blew $300 at the Landmark (after being ahead almost $150) + was ready to take the pipe. [crossed out letters] Went to Golden Venus and fell asleep after a steam bath + could have been there still if someone hadn’t awakened me. Called home, picked up groceries + came home Ana + I made a low calorie apple pie. On the way home down Russell Rd I think I hit a puppy. It was pitch dark out + suddenly he was there. I went halfway over the divider in an attempt to miss him but I felt a bump. Cars behind me so I didn’t stop. Felt horrible about it and I’m trying to think maybe it didn’t happen but it did. We went to bed very early – both exhausted.