Up pretty early – Washed hair brushes and hair and rolled + set it. Dick off around 8:30 or 9. I called Scotty to tell him reservations had been made for Christmas. Tried to reach David Kallman + left call back message for the evening (he never did). Spoke with Alice + Ruth Scott. Sent picture to Jaymie Sholty Didn’t do anything about sending out “The Lion Is Busy” as I want to clear up the matter of the other copies. Went to see Ruth Scott + liked her a lot was interested in her whole outlook + purpose – mainly to get L.V. interested in having pictures shoot here on location. Left picture + resume. Went to Sahara to pick up Scott + Leon’s ticket. Won $70.00 Got wool for Ana and groceries. Dick stained the toggle button for Drue’s purse. I started Dorothy’s stole. Dick in a lovely mood tonight – The first time in ages. Maybe he’s beginning to feel better It was a pleasure Pleasant dinner + earlyish evening. Virginia O’Brien called + is going to mail me some information. I’ll try to see her in 10 days or so – She seemed delighted.