Ana + Armando off for the day – They’d be leaving shortly after Jan. 1st. I hope their final days here are a bit happier. I made a low calorie pumpkin pie + froze another. I think they’re really good. Timmy called – Isn’t feeling well + sounded very forlorn – chatted a while. Dick fixed breakfast. After I’d asked him to try on one of the ties I made + he said they were too long and I flew off + said “I can’t live with you the way you are” – which was a bit out of proportion but God knows it’s been rocky lately. He slept + I worked in the library. Wrote Margie, Timmy + Rae early A.M. + paid bills in the afternoon. Called the Bottermans + Fred paid. I could have the negatives for $15.00 which I think is great. Tried to reach David Kitchem + Kaleman but no luck. Talked with Leon who’s excited about coming to Vegas. Must call Scott tomorrow + send off the book to Mrs. Douglas. Watched TV later + took 4 or 5 inches off all 3 ties. Bed about 8:30. Read a little. Everything okay again with Dick + me – my fault today but it’s difficult to keep my cool with everything so negative + down.