We slept late. I finished Druscilla’s bag except for staining the button – Dick + I went to Home Lumber for sandpaper + paint for the fence + then to Sambo’s. Then to office where we left Shirley’s Dictionary + waited for the mail. Came back in a sudden windstorm. Dick discovered his sander was broken. Carl has had it for a year + only just returned it. Pretty cruddy. We went out again to the store + got some pie tins + a few odds + ends. Dick wouldn’t eat any of his supper + Ana was upset so I ate too much to make up. Pretty stupid. Spoke with Harold Stern + Issue number 7 is coming out this next week – After the first of the year they’ll have some advertising. Incredible is hardly the word for the fact they’re still going. I washed + blocked the three finished ties and started a 4th.