Had to roll hair again – up at 5 + packed. Left at 7 – Had really hoped to be out by noon but didn’t make it til after 4! However on the plus side had pleasant times with Jason [crossed out letter] Wingreen, Hall Smith, Paul Hartman – Margery Bennett. Told Jason about last night’s frosting on the already delicious cake – He thought it was very funny. Glad to leave. Went to Pickwick’s to pick up Shirley’s dictionary – God – 40 lbs! Went by Leon’s office + met a young man named Jack McCall who’d been working in Vegas he gave me the name of a casting woman in [crossed out letter] Vegas who puts people in location films. Handy to know + I’ll call her Friday Leon gave me some gifts of bread + a stuffed animal for Jeffrey. Drove out to Mary’s – traffic not too bad + I was there very close to six. Had a good time. The turkey good + not too much of anything – vegetable acorn squash with peas + onion filling – all topped off with low calorie pumpkin pie? As good as any I’d tasted. Left in plenty of time but barely made the plane! Had to go up in little cart. Last one on. Gene Clarke (Clarke expedition) + Jim Black young guy (“I’m a hardnose”) who’d come [crossed out letters] “to take them” in Vegas. Dick met me + looks great Good to be home.