Up at 5:00 – Discovered my hair had stayed so didn’t have to set it. [crossed out word] Caught up diary – Left house about 7. Windshield all frosted again + I almost backed into Leon’s neighbor. Luckily she found the windshield wipers for me so I drove off in some security. Got the car filled up with no lead gas. Long, long day. started + almost finished another necktie. If it weren’t for Jason Wingreen who’s a nice funny man I think this would have been almost unbearable as I was on camera possibly once all day + we had two hours of overtime! Rosalie Williams of the heavy scottish accent really made my day at the end when I said “Well, at least we’ve got a little overtime” – I don’t” she said, [crossed out word] “I’m on contract.” “of course,” I said “a three day contract, right?” “But I’m not an extra. You’re an extra aren’t you” “I beg your pardon,” I said. “I didn’t mean anything but,” she said “alot of extras get right in there in the middle.” Shit. And after the way she screwed up her little contribution to the show it rankled!! Back to Leon’s at 7:15. Called Dick. Jules Levine came up + gave me the name of a lady to send my book to. Nice to see him. One of his clients, Bobby Vinton is at the International – Will go see him Called Mary. We had nice roast beef for dinner went to bed early + finished “Only 3 die” I think it should make an excellent film. Really. If I’m off early enough tomorrow maybe I can see somebody with Leon.