Leon’s bon mot – “You can’t fight Brooklyn Bridge.”

Up about six – washed + set hair. None too easy after 5 yrs but managed Left Leon’s around 8:15 + drove to the Fremont Estates. Big old house the location. Must have been alot of fun once. Lee Phillips the director + it was really nice to see him. They didn’t start shooting til after 11. Lunch served around 1:30 and we didn’t break til 7:30 so there’s a little overtime I guess. My husband a very nice guy named Jason Wintergreen and alot of fine actors in the Show. John Qualen, Paul Hartman, Vivian Vance – all sort’s of nice character people, Margery Bennett, Charlotte Knight, Rosalie Williams (heavy scottish accent from Australia?) the four leads Barbara Feldon, E.J. Peaker, Gary Collins + Larry Hagman who’s a pain in the ass. Discovered some time in the afternoon that my two appearances outside the party have been cut so really + truly this is nothing but a glorified extra + I wish in some ways I’d stuck to my guns + said No. Still – the people are good people + I am getting paid – Blah, Blah Blah. Stopped at Carl’s Market. Couldn’t find the windshield wipers on the Mazda home at 8. Called Dick who sold the house today. Thank God! Nice chat. Fixed Liver + bacon for dinner. Bed early. Don’t think I’ll get to see any casting people while here.