Woke before the coffee shop was open but the bellhop got us some from across the street. Watched TV + read + then went to the coffee shop for more coffee + a sweet roll for Dick. Back to bed + made love which was nice. Went to the Safeway + I bought some rollers + hair set stuff + Dick got some breakfast things. Leon’s next. Called Scotty + woke him said he couldn’t make it for breakfast but would come over soon. Dick fixed scrambled eggs + steaks + it was delicious. Leon talked about his new property. “Only 3 died” – Couldn’t understand what Dick’s function is to be but finally got it that agents aren’t supposed to be producers as such (or something.) The wardrobe lady, Betsy Cox called + I guess I have the right sort of thing. Scotty over + looking very well. Dick dozing + Leon too. Found myself giggling with Scott [crossed out letters] It’s been pretty dreary lately. Invited Scott + Leon to Las Vegas for [crossed out letters] Christmas. Scotty had to go to work at 2:30 so Dick, Leon + I all three napped. I read 50 pages of “Only 3 died” first possibilities. Dick + I left at 5. Stopped at a Thrifty Drug + got some shoes + a kerchief. Burbank airport + shades of other days. Made reservation back Weds. night (Had supper + saw Dick off. on the way home bought a hand hair dryer + some coffee. Leon’s by 8. Had been looking forward to a glass of wine but then squelched the urge. Started green necktie – interesting pattern. Watched TV. Pleasant, relaxed evening.