one month

Up early – Dick off to the store – I left the house around nine. Went to the Safeway + cleaners + then to the Landmark for an hour. Won $90. Then went to about 3 thrift shops. Got 5 dresses for $2.15 (total) at the middle on – benefit of the Blind – can’t remember the name Home about 1 – headachey + tired – Dick made a cheese sandwich for me + I took an aspirin + short nap. The Asst. Director called – Monday call changed to 9 o’clock. Told him I still hadn’t heard from wardrobe + was leaving in a couple of hours. He said she planned to get in touch with me??? Hmm. Flurry of panic when Ana came in + said a man had stopped by the house + Little had been hit by a car. Not true evidently as Little came bouncing over the desert. Good God! Armando drove us to the airport. Cab to Mary’s. Dick closeted with Les and I visited with Mary + Jaymie (Les daughter) talked about cruise etc. Was glad to leave at 8 as I would have loved a glass of wine. Went to Hallmark Hotel + thence to Taxco mexican restaurant. Mediocre. Back to hotel and bed. L.A. cold. Called Leon + made date for tomorrow.