Stayed in all day – waiting for wardrobe call – finished as much of blanket as possible. Just waiting one square from Dick. [crossed out letter] knit on tie. Spoke with Leon + Dorothy. Mr. Fernandez came by with the fancy bath soap + the mailman brought a huge gift box from Leon. I did a very little desk work and lay around eating up detective stories. Finished Ruth Gordon’s book “Myself among others” – It’s rather cutesy and yet it’s interesting. Stella Arakelian called to invite me to a birthday party for Alice on Monday but I had to refuse. Called Angie Leverett to excuse myself from work this a.m. Dick home fairly early. Leon’s box contained vitamins + all sorts of health cookies etc and panti hose, perfume, neck tie etc. Got my call for Monday morning at 7:30 but never did speak to wardrobe woman – will go to a thrift shop tomorrow.