In the morning called Elizabeth Waldthausen to read her Daddy’s letter. She was especially pleased that he remembered her Mother who apparently was “a good friend of Mother’s.” I crocheted around the 5 new pink squares + laid out the blanket It’s going to be very pretty and I’m delighted with it as I’d thought it dull to begin with. Went to the Tropicana + after about 4 hours I wound up $100 down. Couldn’t get anything going at all. In the A.M. Ana said that Armando had found a new car + would like to borrow $400 – can repay at a $100 a week. Hope it’s a good one. Also Ana said she’d noticed “something different” about me + was it anything she’d done wrong. The something different is a foul humor. I tried to reassure her but doubt if I made much headway. Maybe the L.A. trip will jog me out of it. I certainly hope so. Quiet evening. Started sewing strips together.