knit 2 squares in the early morning. Called electrolux and Mr. Fernandez + made out checks for both. Went to Sprouse-Reitz for more pink yarn. Called wardrobe in L.A. + they’re on location. Tried Evelyn MacArthur again + couldn’t get her. Went to the store + Dick + I went to Baskin Robbins for a hot fudge sundae. Special treat + my only food all day. I’m down to 121 now but am aiming now for 115. I went down the hall for a manicure afterward. Nice girl named Viva. Then to the Showboat Dick came in to get me about 4:30. (I was down around $4) Court has been postponed again. Good Lord. My only hope is that we’re starving Honest John Carpenter out. I’d gone by Caribbean pools this A.M. but the wife was asleep (that from a neighbor) + he was out. Nice letter from Daddy – who knows Dr. Lowman well. knit like a fiend in the evening + finished 3 more squares. Five today – not bad.