Got a few things accomplished today. I watched the Today Show in the morning + crocheted around 15 squares. Layed out the blanket. Decided all the missing squares will be watermelon pink which should liven it up nicely. Paid electric bill, acknowledged Rich’s gift, paid College sport shop + mystery guild. Then wrote Rich a long letter Called Evelyn MacArthur – no answer. Virginia O’Brien still in Mexico. My humor bad + has been for a while now. Went to the post office + bought stamps. Deposited $200 in Valley Bank and $325 in Bank of Nevada then went to the International + lost a hundred dollars. I win more often than I lose but I lose more money than I win. Another cold windy day but at least the rain has stopped. I knit another square + finished crocheting around all I have. Wish Dick were in a better mood as it’s rubbing off on me + I’m feeling miserable