Up early – caught up diary. Left house about 8. Went to Showboat + played a little 21. Won $50. Went down to Juvenile for Asinine meeting – Bill Fain, Gang + Angie there + Anabel, Inman, Genevieve, Martha Chase all obviously unaware of any “problems.” Norma Laub + Lucy Foley presumably representing the other side. Nothing accomplished or even brought out. Went to Alice’s after and had lettuce + baloney + played 4 or 5 games of spite + malice. Beastly weather outside cold + wet. Went to Safeway + came home at 3:20. Dick already home + asleep on couch under blanket. Had caught a chill I made us some tea. Letter from Leuse – as always grateful but this time a little more chatty which was nice. I spent the afternoon + evening crocheting around squares. Have 7 more to knit. Called Drue + Dick + they can’t come for Christmas as Dick has no vacation until new contract is negotiated on March 1st. So I suggested they aim for her birthday on the 13th. Called Eve Lee about Rich Ware. All sad. He’s had several more strokes and is now almost impossible to understand – just yes or no questions. She said she’s been too much of a coward to go see him more than she has. She gave me Evelyn MacArthur’s phone number + I’ll call her tomorrow – Dick + I watched “The Snow Goose” on TV. Gallico did the adaptation so sold himself short but still found it deeply moving. Bed about 10 – Dick read the book Snow Goose + liked it better