Lolled around + looked at the newspapers. Dick in a pretty foul mood all day. I called Leon + told him I’d reconsidered + would do the show. He was relieved + pleased + thought it was the right move. We went to see the commercial pool at the trailer park. Attractive place + lovely pool. The Plaza was [crossed out letters] crowded with kids – last day of the petting zoo. Armando, Paco, Ana + Jeffrey stopped by. Dick vaccuumed the store + I crocheted around 10 squares. We left about 2:30. Stopped by the house on Bonita Think if we can we ought to sell it as I doubt if it will stand up under another rental (and the Adams were careful) Came home Ate some cold chicken. I took a nap but couldn’t sleep so came back out. Watched TV. Dick made a toggle button for Druscilla’s purse + then couldn’t find his sander or any of his other tools.  Called Jack who was drunk + told him Carl had it?? Dick was upset + angry. Says everything is gone. Ana came in with Jeffrey who had enormous swelling between his eyes. Had hit his head on the corner of the couch. Ana all upset. Had thought he’d killed himself. Fortunately I’d taken a miltown so wasn’t as curt as I felt. We had soup for supper + went to bed. Smoked two joints which did a large nothing for us + went to sleep.